Bring me your photographic challenges…


My interest in photography stemmed from nearsightedness I developed in the 4th grade. While not wearing glasses, I began exploring the new out-of-focus world. I was enamored by objects within my 1 foot visual field, like the nonsensical patterns on a bed-spread. I imagined faces, elaborate scenes and objects out of the randomness upon waking up. Other times I looked afar to such items as a poster of Jimi Hendrix that hung on my bedroom wall. Although my brain had catalogued an image of Jimi wailing on his fender guitar, my blurred sight reconfigured it from the mesh of lines and colors to form a new masterpiece. Nearsightedness granted me an intimate view into a world which only I was privileged to see. Even though I corrected my vision with lasik surgery, I still get that exclusive feeling every time I look through a camera’s view finder.

Christian graduated from The University of Delaware with a BFA in Photography. He began his training with film in the dark room and moved to digital image capture, which allowed for greater creative control. Early in his career, he assisted studio and location photographers while shooting professionally. These experiences allowed him to learn tried and true studio and location lighting techniques, which he used to develop a style of his own.

Christian’s client list has included: advertising & design agencies, businesses, publications, museums, artists, musicians